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Wedding Ceremonies


Weddings are a wonderful time in life.  A time of love, commitment and a new start for a special couple.   We are joyful to be a part of your special day and we do often have weddings for couples from out of our area.  Please note three of our values you must adhere to in your wedding before calling Pastor to set your wedding date:

1. No alcohol before the ceremony.  Your wedding ceremony is a worship service in which you are making a life long commitment.  Do not serve alcohol or personally partake of alcohol before the service.  After the service: party on!

2. You must meet with the Pastor for 3, one hour-long premarital counselling sessions before the wedding.  You are not just planning a party, you are planning for the rest of your life together and these sessions will help you to do that.  There is homework as well, so you will want to space the sessions and not be in a rush.

3. You have asked a Christian, United Methodist pastor to lead your wedding ceremony.  Therefore, God and Jesus will be mentioned, a verse from the Bible will be read, and both persons in the couple are equals.  We welcome those who are questioning their faith or unsure of their faith, but if you are committed to another religion or atheism, please call a justice of the peace.   We do not "give away" brides because women are not property being given from one person to another.


A Christian wedding is a worship service that celebrates the love of God, God's grace that has brought two people together,  and the covenant that the two make with each other.   This is your wedding, so the ceremony should reflect your spiritual beliefs, but it should reflect basic Christianity if you wish to have  a Christian pastor conduct your ceremony.


Basic Outline of Wedding Service:


Greeting - words about what Christian marriage is

Declaration of Intent - "I Do's"

Blessings Given by Family & Friends


Pastor's Message



Giving of Rings

Unity Candle or other ceremonial act

Signing of the license




Suggestions in place of Unity Candle

Not that Unity candles are bad, they are great symbols of the two being one, but for some couples its too "over done".  So here is a chart of some other ceremonial acts that you could do at your wedding to make it special.


Ceremony Name
Rose Ceremony
How its done
Each person in the couple has a rose, the pastor gives them instructions that whenever there is a difficult time, they have had a fight or one has wronged the other -- leave a rose for the other in a special place as a reminder that the  commitment you made on your wedding day still endures.    The roses are exchanged - this is the first gift you have given each other as a married couple.
love, forgiveness, reconciliation 
 Tree Blessing or planting  couple have a tree that they will plant together if the wedding is held at home, or it will be blessed with the couples arms encircling the tree.  The couple will plant it when they get home, or it will be planted for them in a special place.  Pastor reminds the couple that marriage has seasons, like a tree in Iowa, and that with each season there is growth. growth,  seasons of marriage/love, renewal of love and life with each season
 Wine box or letter box exchange ceremony The couple are told to write each other a letter that tells the other how much they love them and why they are marrying them.  The letters are then sealed together in a box (optional is a bottle of wine with the letters)   and they make the vow that if either is contemplating divorce, they will open the box, read the letters (and drink the wine) together before either will file for divorce.   If they have not opened the box before their 10th anniversary - they may do so at that time and create a new box.
commitment over time,  recognizes that hard times will come, dedication to avoid divorce


Hand fasting
(Irish/celtic tradition)
a special cord, rope or cloth is wrapped around the couples hands as they clasp left hands together.  when they let go and pull their hands apart a knot is made in the cord that they can keep as a reminder of their wedding day.
"knotted" together, the two made one
Cup with two handles (Irish) or two spouts (Native American) a special cup with two handles or two spouts is filled with the couples' favorite drink, they drink from the cup together at the same time. one life with two people, whatever comes they will take it together 
Sand Ceremony  a large vase is filled with sand from two (or more) smaller vases representing the couple coming together as one.  Additional vases can be for children of the couple representing one family being made. one-ness while staying individual, one family



Music suggestions -- music makes your wedding truly individual, and you will want to have at least one song playing while you do any of the above ceremonies and sign the license.    

Offbeat Bride is one of my favorite websites and it has some great suggestions:  click here for entrance suggestions